Artist: Quivver
Title: Daylight
Label: Boz Boz Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 8 May 2003
  • A: Main Mix
  • B: Dub

Quivver "Daylight"

Out Now on Boz Boz Recordings

John Graham returns with some new original work, following on from the recently re-released 'Twist and Shout' and his remix of Jamez's 'People Will Believe' for Future Groove. 'Daylight' is John's first solo project in some time, and comes as the second release on his own label which he has recently set up called Boz Boz Recordings. He has remained very much out of the production spotlight for some time, so this is a welcome return, but the question you are all asking i'm sure is if this is any good? Time to find out..

A rocking groove forms the nucleus of the 'Main Mix', tight crunchy beats clashing with deep bass as the sounds unfold. Layered loops cause the bassline to fluctuate the groove drops down and John's earthy vocals enter for the first time, attaching themselves tightly to the groove before disappearing as trippy synths rise to the surface and a secondary synth line flickers below it, building upwards to the break. John's voice takes on an eerie, sinister tone during the atmospheric break, and this is reflected in the slight menace of the final section of the track which increases in speed as the sounds all mesh together into one snarling outro, bringing yet another quality Quivver cut to a head.

John strips down his vocals for the 'Dub Mix', starting off in much the same fashion as the original a-side mix but dropping in deep sub bass elements which echo and expand, causing the groove to ripple, and lending a slightly menacing edge to the track as drum stabs and rising synths distort what is left of John's vocal, creating a tripped out alternative mix for the deeper floors.

With forthcoming projects including a single produced in collaboration with Steve Porter, and his artist album still in the works, dont expect John Graham to fade out of the daylight and into the darkness anytime soon, in fact expect to see and hear a lot more from him over the coming months.

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