Artist: Quivver
Title: Chasin A Feeling
Label: Boz Boz Recordings
By: Ryan Simoneau | 6 August 2008
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Glenn Morrison & Bruce Aisher Mix

Quivver "Chasin A Feeling"Quivver "Chasin A Feeling"

Out Now on Boz Boz Recordings

John Graham has returned to the scene and drops the second single off his long-awaited debut album, “Dirty Nails and Vapor Trails”. Graham has always been a chameleon in the dance music scene, from his early drum & bass days as Skanna, his progressive trance excursions with Tilt, to becoming a front man and songwriter with groups Planet Funk and more recently Hybrid. Now, on his latest single, he aims to smash stereotypes once again.

Upon first hearing the original mix of “Chasin’ a Feeling,” I was blown away when the drum & bass rhythm hit. Having never heard that side of John’s work before, I was surprised but in a good way. John wraps his melodic vocals around the breakbeat which helps this track soar to the stratosphere and you’ll find yourself singing along before you know it. Often times drum & bass beats can be rather repetitive, but here John’s given that traditional tempo a breakbeat slant and combined with his vocals, it’s incredibly infectious. Not often will I play a tune back-to-back upon first listen but as soon as this one was done, I immediately hit the replay button. That alone is the finest compliment I can give.

Glenn Morrison and Bruce Aisher have given the track a remix suitable for peaktime dancefloor madness. Gone is the breakbeat and replaced with a rock bassline and a 4/4, pulsating rhythm. However, they didn’t stop there as they’ve also upped the energy as well as emotion by placing a gorgeous piano line throughout the track. Hard to believe the original could be improved on but this remix is excellent in everyway.

The Shifter and Carvell remix drops the vocals and takes the tune into decidedly darker territories. However, while the beat may deceive, the melody remains and it keeps the mix from venturing off too much. Much like Glenn Morrison and Bruce Aisher’s mix, Shifter and Carvell have also added their own shimmering melody over the top of the track, which makes it feel like a complete remix and also very much their own tune.

“Chasin’ a Feeling” is the standout track on Quivver’s new album and this remix package does not disappoint. While the original tune is a true breath of fresh air in my mind, these remixes more than do it justice and open it up to a whole new audience as well. Quivver continues to push his sound into new directions and it’s that diversity that is sure to take him to greater heights in the years to come.

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