Artist: Quest Vs The Dirty Fours
Title: Bass Trap / Rainmaker
Label: Vapour Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 2 December 2003
  • A: Bass Trap
  • B: Rainmaker

Quest Vs The Dirty Fours "Bass Trap / Rainmaker"

Out Now on Vapour Recordings

2003 has been a big year for both NuBreed and Luke Chable, so what better way to finish it off than a collaboration between the two dominating forces under their respective guises of The Dirty Fours and Quest. The result - 'Basstrap' - a huge pumping progressive monster, backed with another track from The Dirty Fours alone entitled 'Rainmaker'.

Starting as it intends to go on, 'Basstrap' launches an assault of twisted rhythms, driving bass and some of the most hypnotic percussion of the year, providing the soundscape for something rather special indeed. Big pulsating stabs send ripples through the groove as chords rise and fall behind the beats, blurring as all the sounds fall together. It's when the atmospheric melody and laser effects come in that the track explodes, the tough pumping groove driving things forward, with an energetic pad filled climax to rock the floor to the core. Massive!

The Dirty Fours live up to their name on the flip with the deeper groove led 'Rainmaker'. A drum led bassline and quirky fx rock solidly over a 4/4 house groove, with dirty beats, electronic sounds and some trippy melody lines creating a deep and dark soundscape that builds to a moody break and then into even deeper waters at the end. Not as immediately explosive as 'Basstrap', but a late night peak time bomb in it's own right.

Once again NuBreed and Chable showcase why they are held in such high regard, with these two slick and well polished peak time tracks deserving of a place in any DJ's box. Reserve a space now, and make sure it's filled with this 12".

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