Artist: Psycatron
Title: 7th Morning / 7th Night
Label: Little Mountain Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 18 January 2005
  • A: 7th Morning
  • B: 7th Night

Psycatron "7th Morning / 7th Night"

Out Now on Little Mountain Recordings

Sander Kleinenberg's superb label Little Mountain Recordings starts the New Year with a heavy release from Psycatron. Irish DJ/producer Paul Hamill and producer Phil Johnston get together in the studio and unleash their deep, dark and twisted sound, which has become a favorite of Deep Dish, Steve Lawler, and King Unique. '7th Morning' first showed up on Sander's 'Everybody Too' mix compilation for Renaissance, and has since been scooped up by the man himself for his label. It's a sure floor killer, with its disco tinged tribal stomping and progressive funk. Turn it over and we have '7th Night', a darker techier tune full of 80s retro lazers and fantastic chords.

'7th Morning' is a heavy trip through stomping chords and sassy chugging grooves. Tribal yet techy drums start the momentum building, while the fat bass moves underneath and pushes to a peak before being swallowed up and spit out into a looping vocal. A fantastic chord progression steps up out of now where building with the vocals, groove and drums until it pops into a disco world full of fireworks. Cascading synths fall into the slowly fading chords and reappear with a sweet filter acid sweep. The drums pound back in and gallop through changes, filters, vocals, and more fading synths until finally dropping off into a sweet mellow tones.

'7th Night' on the flip is a techier tune with rolling arpeggiated bass, gated vocal bits and an 80s electro edge. Wiggly tones accompany spoken words as they ride along quickly to the driving middle. The drum fills pound and the high hats build into a frenzy, while chords zap into the beats bringing all the sounds into a screaming halt. A game of lazer tag emerges, the chords set off and the beats come back riding the song harder and higher with a dark twisted groove.

Psycatron steps up with a great release for Little Mountain Recordings. Since 2002 they have been tearing up dancefloors all over Ireland with their infectious heavy floor stomping grooves, and are about to embark on the rest of the world with the help of a some quality releases such as this excellent 12" single.

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