Artist: Psalt
Title: No Start For A Change
Label: Looq Records
By: Simon Jones | 19 April 2004
  • A1: Piece Process Mix
  • B1: Original Mix
  • B2: Down In Bass Count

Psalt "No Start For A Change"

Out Now on Looq Records

Production duo Trond Sorli & Per Anders Romme hail from Norway, where as The Glitch they are well known for their skills as DJs and indeed productions both of which focused on the more eclectic and versatile sounds of the musical spectrum. Having recently remixed Bermuda Triangle's 'Tay Do 22', the duo's name captured the attention of people outside of their native country. However, whilst this was happening, they had also been noticed by west coast hippies Jondi and Spesh, who wasted no time in putting their full support behind the duo's more dancefloor friendly beats, and as Psalt, 'No Start For A Change' is their debut release.

The first mix comes from Ireland's 'Piece Process' who returns to the front line after a sabattical of several months. It's a rest that has served him well as his remix of 'No Start For A Change' is a stunning melodic epic that isn't afraid to get down and dirty and does so with a twisted bassline that ripples through the heart of the mix. Airy sounds and pads provide some tremendous bottom end support, and as the track opens up and the main riff floats in, the sounds will fill any space they can find, as the finale is a true big room moment that will catch everyone by surprise.

Psalt's own 'Original Mix' is a less dramatic but by no means less effective number, tight drum progression and rising melodies expanding to create a deep and hypnotic groove that you find yourself compelled by and drawn into as the track slides along at a laid back and hazy pace. As an addition, 'Down In Bass Country' sits on the end of the b-side, a quirky piece of music that builds itself around a dirty growling bassline and techy hi hats, with an equally as odd vocal hook to boot. Fans of deeper sub bass sounds will get right on down to this though as it unfolds and it's filthy tendencies reveal themselves, and we all like things a little dirty don't we.

Once again, Jondi and Spesh have uncovered sounds which fit right at home on their label. Psalt's work is diverse and quirky, but well worth a Looq, so make sure you give them a listen.

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