Artist: Proluctors
Title: Shake The Ground / Sunset
Label: Deep Records
By: Simon Jones | 17 August 2006
  • A: Shake The Ground
  • B: Sunset

Proluctors "Shake The Ground / Sunset"

Out Now on Deep Records

Having previously worked with Matthew Dekay on a number of tracks, in addition to having their own 'Expressions EP' on Deep, the Proluctors return to Deep with a new AA single. Both Robert 'Roob V' Vreken and Hendrik Van Duivenbooden started out much like many of their Dutch counterparts, playing at local club and gradually moving over into the production side of things, where along with Matthew Dekay, they have been responsible for a string of great tracks which include 'Bad', 'Behind Secret Borders' and 'Digifruitella', and this latest two tracker from them is another worthwhile addition to their growing discography.

'Shake The Ground' takes the lead, a track that at first seems to be a bit more subdued compared to their usual output, but once the guitar lead creeps in, that is something to be reconsidered. As one might expect from the track's name, it's a dirty low slung affair, with a deep, snarling bassline shuffling through the underside of the track. There's a solid lock groove and some generic sinister ambience, pinned down by a moody vocal stab that rises through on occasion. When all is said, it's a far more stripped back track than the Proluctors are usually regarded for, but is well constructed nevertheless.

'Sunset' is undoubtedly the gem of this single though, a stunning track that fits the current summertime mood perfectly. With a heady groove and a big stabbing bassline as the foundation, the Proluctors set to work with some innovative chord arrangements, rising synth lines and big key melodies. The build up in the centre of the track is nothing short of incredible, and will invoke a reaction each and every time this track gets included in a set.

Deep Records are back on the right path with this release. Whilst the label's history is full of classic tracks, the last few months have been somewhat hit and miss, Thankfully, the Proluctors "shake the ground" and show that the sun is not about to set just yet.

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