Artist: Powerplant Feat Trout
Title: Turn It Into Gold
Label: Deep Records
By: Simon Jones | 1 April 2004
  • A1: Madoka Faded Memories Mix
  • B1: Petter Teknisfunk Mix
  • B2: Petter Beats Tool

Powerplant Feat Trout "Turn It Into Gold"

Out Now on Deep Records

The Powerplant boys John Morgan & Kiki Stewardson are back, with what looks set to be their biggest single since 'With Or Without You'. 'Turn It Into Gold' sees Powerplant team up with their friend Tim McKenzie's band Trout for a massive vocal led affair that fuses Powerplant's big sound with a spine chilling vocal that has been reworked on this first disc of mixes by none other than Madoka and Petter.

Madoka's 'Faded Memories Mix' marks the startings of a diversification in his big room sound, as he enters the realm of breakbeat. Big beats and drum lines waste no time in introducing themselves and guiding you into the thick of things. Rattling snares and a floating atmosphere lift the intensity of the groove, only to drop into the main section where the vocal comes into play. Madoka manipulates the beats, engulfing the vocal to create a unique effect that filters and loops back over the top, with some cut up sound thrown in for good measure. Moving towards the break, the beats drop out to reveal the twisted bass and big chords, building back to a soaring climax that will drive the dancefloor straight into the stratosphere above and beyond it's fixed location, as Madoka once again does not disappoint and shows that after several months in the wilderness that he will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming months.

Petter brings diversity to the package with his 'Tekniisfunk Mix' on the flipside. As we've come to expect from this Swedish producer, this is yet another of his innovative and forward thinking remixes that has been earning him a following in the last few months. Twisted arrangements and spacious effects wrap themselves around distorted vocal refrains and a gut churning acid bassline that drives things along. with some techy sounds sprinkled in sparingly to put the exclamation point on a remix that simply be summed up as sick, and with the added 'Beats Tool', there's even more twisted goodness for you to enjoy.

This is the biggest release for Powerplant and also Deep Records to date without a shadow of a doubt, with both remixers showcasing exactly why they are held in high regard as of late, and with the original and a remix from Matthew Dekay to come later in the year, the story is far from over.

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