Artist: Powerplant Feat Trout
Title: Turn It Into Gold (Remixes)
Label: Deep Records
By: Simon Jones | 9 September 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Nick K Athene Mix

Powerplant Feat Trout "Turn It Into Gold (Remixes)"

Out Now on Deep Records

The first set of mixes of Powerplant's latest single 'Turn It Into Gold' was released back at the start of the year to outstanding support.thanks to Madoka and Petter who both delivered their own unique interpretations of the track. Now we are presented with the original version from the Powerplant boys and a new mix from Nick K, completing the package.

Powerplant's own 'Original Mix' is a simmering progressive house track with the same big room mood that made the Madoka interpretation so incredible. Utilising deep chords and grinding bassline, an incredible sense of depth is created, with big techy hooks and rhythms lifting Trout's vocal to a total new level. An impressive mix, but overshadowed by the monster remix from New York's master of the big room on the original 12".

'Nick K' turns in a dark and delicious mix on the flip, tribal style beats and live guitar mapping out a path that will see this mix find it's way into the deeper, late night sets, it's minimalist build and frenzied breakdown leading towards a stomping outro that lures you in and encourages you to get your head down and get lost in it's twisted and techy groove.

Following on from the first set of mixes was always going to be tough, and whilst in comparison these new mixes fall somewhat short of the quality of the other versions already on release, they will no doubt find themselves a niche amongst those of you looking for a different take on the track.

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