Artist: Pope Of Gegga
Title: Storm Of Pleasure
Label: Feed Me Records
By: Chloe Harris | 29 January 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Moshic Mix

Pope Of Gegga "Storm Of Pleasure"

Out Now on Feed Me Records

Eric Berglund, also known as Pope Of Gegga has made a name for himself in goa trance and tribal circles. Recording on Baluns Records with a few different aliases such as Gegga and P-Woland, his sound is tribal and techy, very trippy with bits of melody that make up a great balance. 'Storm Of Pleasure' comes from a cd release called 'Living In The Past' and gets a deep and spacey remix from progressive star, Moshic.

Twisted soundscapes and scary tones start in with the beats. Techy drums move quickly in time with the thick rumbling bass. Liquid lazers fly quickly through the drums sounding like a war in space. Tiny beeps carry a soft melody while layer upon layer of weird sounds take over the song.

Moshic delves deep and hypnotic with an emphasis on the atmosphere. Dark tribal drums pump softly through the layers of washy sounds and slowly making a dip into a watery breakdown. Guitar sounding synths fall in and away from the mellow break. A slow crawl out of the trenches and back into the smooth beats.

Feed Me Records has promised to keep their line up of songs varied in house, progressive and tribal, and taking a chance on a goa tribal producer is a great way to expand people’s minds and help them find new sounds.

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