Artist: Pole Folder feat Shelley Harland
Title: Love Chemical
Label: Faith Music
By: Simon Jones | 3 September 2008
  • A: Glenn Morrison & Bruce Aisher Vox Mix
  • B: Philip Michael Anderson Mix

Pole Folder feat Shelley Harland "Love Chemical"

Out Now on Faith Music

Forged on long standing roots found deep within the Belgian music scene, the latest new imprint to emerge from the Benelux territory is Faith Music, a label run by La Rocca resident and scene stalwart Philip Michael Anderson (or DJ Philip for those trainspotters who remember the old EMI-backed imprint Additive back in the day). For its first release, the label turns to another of Belgium's countrymen, Pole Folder, who teams up with occasional collaborator Shelley Harland for their latest outing 'Love Chemical'.

First up is a remix from the rising young star Glenn Morrison, alongside Bruce Aisher (of Brancaccio & Aisher and Gutterstylz fame), who construct a bass heavy club version of the track, building steadily upon a throbbing groove and layers of light percussive rhythms. Harland's vocal is woven in and out of each of the layers, leading the mix to a somewhat old school key breakdown, making this a mix that places its hat more in the crossover field than the underground.

Philip Michael Anderson's own version of the track sees Sapphirecut contribute an introductory monologue to the mix proper, which is a somewhat beefed up version of Pole Folder's original radio version. Extra synths, percussive loops and a heavier bassline are added in, and when all is said and done the finished product is a respectable mid to peak time remix.

The rest of the package, which is available digitally, sees Pole Folder's great radio version complimented by a dub version of Morrison and Aisher's version, in addition to a club mix from Miquell Santos, a name whom will become more familiar over the next few months. 'Love Chemical' may be somewhat of a departure from Pole Folder's earlier body of work but showcases the broadening appeal of one of Belgium's finest producers and one of the most talented singers currently in the scene.

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