Artist: Pole Folder
Title: ReProtected EP
Label: Proton Music
By: Simon Jones | 18 May 2006
  • 1. 8 (Original Mix)
  • 2. Protected (Mashtronic 'Re-Protected' Mix)
  • 3. Protected (Opencloud 'Safe In The Attic' Mix)

Pole Folder "ReProtected EP"

Out Now on Proton Music

Back In 2004, Pole Folder's 'Protected' first debuted. Regarded by many as a 'piece de resistance' of his career, the single went on to become one for which he is most recognised. Backed by a range of remixes from Madoka, Fretwell, and Italy's M.A.S. Collective, it became a favourite of fans right across Europe and further afield. If anything, the only thing the package was missing was that "killer club mix". Now, two years later that is rectified as Opencloud and Mashtronic bring us their own dub interpretations.

Mashtronic do not disappoint. Their 'reProtected' mix fuses together elements of trance, electro and progressive into a peak time interpretation that will shake any dance floor to it's very core. From the twisted bassline, through to the big hook that prevails throughout, climaxing in a twisted vocal breakdown, the production is flawless, with the overall mix being one of Mashtronic's biggest sounding to date, on a level that almost equals their big room version of John Digweed's 'Warung Beach'.

Opencloud meanwhile, turn in a down and dirty low end version, with plenty of heavy bass and filtered grit washing over some of the original's atmospherics and melodies. The lead-in is dark and heavy, with the melody loop that rises through giving the mix a contemporary edge. The extended break works well, dropping into a spiraling finale. As usual, the Texan duo have come up with something totally off the wall that could easily fit into a breaks or house set.

As an addition to this EP, we are also presented with '8', an experimental piece of music which gets it's name from the fact it was created entirely on 8-track. Compared to much of Pole Folder's main body of work, this stripped down ambient piece will surprise and enchant many of his fans, going further beyond the some of the ideas explored on 'Zero Gold'. If anything, it's underlying simplicity allows it's shimmering melodies and harmonies to truly excel, and hopefully Pole Folder will continue to expand upon some of the ideas presented here with future work.

The 'Reprotected EP' is the final bookend for the track, as both mixes bring a different dynamic that was missing from the original package. Whilst the original will always be timeless, Mashtronic and Opencloud have paid homage in a respectful way that fans of both Pole Folder and the remixers themselves will hopefully appreciate.

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