Artist: Pole Folder
Title: Moon In A Blue Sky EP
Label: Sunkissed Records
By: Simon Jones | 17 April 2003
  • A: Planetary Activity
  • B: We Share

Pole Folder "Moon In A Blue Sky EP"

Out Now on Sunkissed Records

Following on from 2002's 'Dust' alongside occasional production partner CP, producer Benoit Franquet returns with a solo EP as Pole Folder. Entitled the 'Moon In A Blue Sky EP', it contains two tracks which are a surreal contrast to each other, much like seeing a full moon in a bright summer's day sky feels. The first of the two tracks, 'Planetary Activity' has already received support from the likes of Max Graham and Anthony Pappa and needs no introduction, whilst 'We Share' is a brand new track made for the EP. Both tracks showcase the usual standard of production that comes from Benoit's work, as you are about to find out..

Deeply atmospheric sounds and tough percussion edge us slowly into 'Planetary Activity' as it bursts into life. Utilising an electronic synth riff which rises between the beats, it channels and holds an energy, letting it slide out as the main melody rises, building and building towards the break, where a laid back guitar slows the pace down. From here the track builds once more, the key changing as the tempo shifts up a level, eletronic synths sliding across the soundscape as spacious effects suffocate the groove and everything within, with eerie spine chilling effect. Another sublime yet commanding performance aimed squarely at the dancefloor.

'We Share' takes things in a slightly different direction, a big bassline bouncing it's way across the groove as techy percussion intertwines itself around it. As the melodic sounds slowly start to seep through the gaps in the mix, they evolve, changing shape in time to the beats as they drop out to reveal a emotive ambience that takes over during the break. As the beats return, a secondary percussion line draws out the warm melody as the track slides to outro, the beats twinkling as they disappear one by one.

It's been a long time coming, but has been worth the wait. Fans of Pole Folder will be over the moon with this EP, whilst for you progressive vinyl junkies out there, this 12" comes highly recommended. Be sure to pick a copy before the next lunar cycle kicks in..

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