Artist: Pole Folder
Title: Inner Turmoil / Scared To Lose
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 13 November 2005
  • A: Inner Turmoil (Pole Folder, Stel & Marko Rework)
  • B: Scared To Lose (Pole Folder & CP Mix)

Pole Folder "Inner Turmoil / Scared To Lose"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

Early 2005 finally saw the release of Pole Folder's long anticipated debut artist album 'Zero Gold', an album that has since gone on to be one of the most successful of the year, further establishing Pole Folder's status in the music scene and proving that the faith placed in him by Bedrock to be the first of their artists to work towards a long term artist project was more than justified. After the lead single 'Salvation On Slavery Sins tore up the clubs thanks to a stellar rework from Nick Muir, now comes the next single, where Pole Folder and friends reinterpret two of the best tracks from the album for this latest AA single.

'Inner Turmoil' is the first track to be reinterpreted, as Pole Folder collaborates with Stel and La Rocca's resident DJ Marko Longin, on a more dancefloor minded version of the track. With a deep groove laid down as the foundation, all three bring their own touch to the track, with Pole Folder's multi layered arrangements being filled with some tough beats and trademark Stel melodies, as all three deliver a versatile mix that not only serves as a perfect mid-set piece, but has enough of a killer edge to rip the floor apart at the peak moments.

'Scared To Lose' brings Pole Folder back together with occasional production partner CP for their first collaboration in quite some time. Moving away from the song based direction of the original, they strip it down and get all experimental with a superb electro breaks rework that pins down the deep atmospherics and melodies with some mind piercing kick drum action and scratch effects, subtly building into a driving finale.

Taking some of the deeper and more involved tracks from 'Zero Gold' and reinterpreting them with the club dancefloor in mind, Pole Folder has once again proven his versatility as a producer, and whilst these remixes aren't as epic and atmospherically domination as tracks like 'Apollo Vibes' or 'Dust', they hold their own as some of the best work in Pole Folder's discography and serve as a preview of things to come.

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