Artist: Pole Folder
Title: For One Moment Of Glory EP
Label: Mashtronic Records
By: Darren Rhys | 8 August 2006
  • A1: A Million Ways To Give Up (Original Mix)
  • B1: Everyday (Original Mix)
  • B2: Everyday (Mashtronic Mix)

Pole Folder "For One Moment Of Glory EP"

Out Now on Mashtronic Records

It's all too easy as a reviewer to bandy about phrases such as 'incredible', 'inspiring' and 'innovative' at the slightest hint of a solid record, and while there are, in reality, a minority in the scene who deserve such accolades, Benoit Franquet's work as 'Pole Folder' is about the strongest example I can think of as to why I become infatuated with this music in my teens. Following the highly acclaimed artist album entitled 'Zero Gold' on Bedrock Records, Pole Folder has more recently released work on Proton Music and now delivers the 'For One Moment Of Glory EP' on Mashtronic Records.

'A Million Ways To Give Up' is introduced with a subby kick drum sitting alongside a looping tech-infused hook, before Benoit's trademark soaring atmospherics wash over the soundscape. The track gathers momentum with some well placed fx-samples and drum arrangements, before a lively bassline drops to kickstart the groove beautifully. Leading into the first break, the ever-present hook is replaced with some uplifting pads and subtle arpeggiated runs which build to a huge climax. It is at this point I fall in love with this track, with the understated yet exceptionally powerful melodies working in tandem with brilliant bassline movements.

'Everyday' starts with almost 'pixie-esque' references (fans of this genre will be familiar with that phrase I'm sure!). A light-kick drum pushes things along with a plethora of trippy effects and subtle pads endorsing this as one of Pole Folder's productions. An infectious bassline adds what can only be described as a 'cute' feel to this track, with bell melodies and meandering fx rythmic washes creating a beautiful groove. A track more focused on the early or closing parts of an evening's aural entertainment, 'Everyday' is subtle, yet gets it's point across perfectly, something which Pole Folder is a master of in this genre.

The re-interpretation of the original piece is as stark a contrast to an original offering as your likely to find. Having worked in tandem for the 'Re-Protected' EP on Proton Music, Pole Folder and Mashtronic lock horns once again on this release. The 'Mashtronic Mix' is a driving, aggressive, electro-infused peak-time dancefloor workout, make no mistake. On first listen it's not blatantly obvious what parts of the original have been utilised, but a similar bassline sequence (if far more driving) and some of the key synth elements from the original hark back creatively to Pole Folder's piece. A very accomplished production once more from Mashtronic, who are enjoying a rapidly growing fanbase.

I'm sure that the day will arrive when I have the unfortunate job of announcing that Pole Folder has unleashed something other than an excellent release. Luckily for fans of the artist and progressive music in general, that day certainly has yet to arrive, and with each offering, it does look increasingly unlikely. An EP which won't disappoint fans of Pole Folder, offers diversity, and is another impressive addition to the discography of Mashtronic Records.

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