Artist: Planet Funk
Title: Stop Me (King Unique Remixes)
Label: Bustin Loose
By: Colin C. | 10 December 2005
  • A: King Unique Mix
  • B: King Unique Electric Itch Dub

Planet Funk "Stop Me (King Unique Remixes)"

Out Now on Bustin Loose

One of Italy's finest exports brings their message back to the dance floor with their latest single 'Stop Me' from their sophomore release 'The Illogical Consequence', but this time they didn't go it alone. Fronting the band not only on this single, but also a handful of tracks off the album is John 'Quivver' Graham. John is no stranger to vocals, as he has released numerous tracks with his own voice since 'Twist and Shout' & 'Everything's Not You'. His voice has always been able to follow the dance floor grooves and melodies nicely and 'Stop Me' is no exception.

As part of a two part remix package, we're treated to a disc of remixes from King Unique who have lined up to help nail this one to the charts. The duo are no stranger to crafting massive floor destroyers as they have done it for other electronic acts, making them the "go to" guys for getting the attention of the masses. The main mix focuses heavily on the vocals, creating a pulsing groove that builds nicely into the first drop where a slappy bass guitar hook makes its debut and filtered effects and supporting rhythmic patterns provide a solid foundation. John's vocals are preformed with a slight sleaziness compared to his previous vocal outings, its not until the track shifts into the chorus where the John Graham we're familiar with comes to light. The two Matts' don't deviate too much from this main blue print on the 'Dub Mix', the bass line still dominates the track with the vocals now sporting some distorted effects, cut and pasted into various sections of the groove.

To call this track "catchy" is an understatement, but that's nothing new for the Planet Funk boys, who's previous album always seems to get stuck in my head every so often. This track fairs extremely well next to such previous tacks as 'The Switch' and 'Who Said' but only leads one to ask how long they plan keep this sort of thing up.

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