Artist: Phonique
Title: What I Fake
Label: Souvenir Music
By: Nick Williams | 2 January 2007
  • A1: What I Fake (Original Mix)
  • A2: Power (Original Mix)
  • B1: What I Fake (Sleeper Thief Mix)

Phonique "What I Fake"

Out Now on Souvenir Music

With releases one such a wide range of labels, and remixes for some of the most talented tech-house producers on the planet, it is no surprise that Tiefschwarz would choose to showcase Phonique on their label, Souvenir Music. This Berlin native has had releases from Poker Flat to Seasons, minimal to deep house, and can show us nearly any side to dance music. He shows us a more minimal deep tech house side, and Sleeper Thief joins in on the fun as well. With seemingly weekly releases from Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito, the men behind the Audiofly and Rekleiner monikors, they decide to join up with Miss Jools to create their take on 'What I Fake'.

'What I Fake' gets rolling with bendy squelches of a bassline, accented by grooved percussive elements. What makes this song stand out is the hollow melodic hook that carries the track; brooding and powerful. Off beat arped stabs widen and deepen the mix, pronouncing the rolling nature of the song. However, there is one mar in this track, the off key melodic stabs that come in towards the breakdown kill it for me. They really don't add anything much to the overall feeling of the song, so I felt like they were a bit of an afterthought. But once they leave the mix, we get our bouncing groove frolicking once again, and for a big room track, this one will get the job done.

The B side features another original track, 'Power'. This is the stronger of the two Phonique tracks on the EP. Very tubular beats, with small blips and reversals, create and atmosphere that is very industrial and dark, yet keep the smiles on your face due to the funky groove that is created. The bassline is very low slung and funky, and the melodic stabs show jazz influence through some detuned pitched note rolls. Acid lovers will enjoy the mellow 303 line that makes its way into the machine like percussive additions. As we continue, it just gets grimier and dirtier, yet still keeping the deep, low slung nature of the whole while bringing the energy up only slightly.

Sleeper Thief provide us with the remix to 'What I Fake', and they make a remix worthy of the biggest sound systems in the world. While sounding very similar to recent Audiofly and Rekleiner material, you can definitely tell the direction that Miss Jools provides with very smooth and almost soft transitions. Bright and creepy sounds cut through the surging low end, with some great movement. All of the sounds fit together very well and the progression is solid, taking many sounds from the original, piecing together a tone and feel that is superior. I could definitely hear this track being placed near the end of a set with an almost euphoric air about it.

Souvenir Music places itself very well here for their second release, bringing some very well known artists to the Tiefschwarz forefront. Go on and check it out, you will find that these tracks will satisfy your big room needs, and may even get your toes a tappin’ in the booth.

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