Artist: Phonique Feat Alexander East
Title: 99 And A Half (Remixes)
Label: GU Music
By: Jason Calvert | 1 February 2006
  • A1: Henry Saiz Mix
  • B1: I:Cube Mix
  • B2: Original Mix

Phonique Feat Alexander East "99 And A Half (Remixes)"

Out Now on GU Music

Germany's Phonique has been doing the rounds for some time now, and will likely be familiar with his track "The Red Dress", which came complete with a remix from Tiefschwarz. His 2004 album titled "Identification" was certainly an interesting affair, with some very unique and varied tracks on it. "99 And A Half" was one of these tracks, and considered by many one of the stand-out tracks of the album. The I:Cube Mix was earlier featured on Sasha's unforgettable Fundacion compilation, and now we see it released alongside another previously unreleased version as well as the original mix.

The Original Mix is a sexy laid-back house affair, with a techy lead and some complementing vocals. The mood is decidedly set for a lounge type environment, and perfect background listening whilst sipping on a coffee. Nothing over the top, just a smooth house number with an interesting lead.

Henry Saiz provides the first remix, and goes for a dark and moody interpretation, introducing a strong chugging bassline, and layering in many of the original elements over the top in the higher ranges. The vocal has been completely hacked into and filtered up, and only makes minor appearance throughout. An excellent crowd worker which sets up an excellent atmosphere.

After Sasha's Fundacion CD, many have been after the I:Cube Remix. The mix is quite different to Henry Saiz's, and much closer to the Original Mix in terms of pacing and overall feel. The techy lead has been replaced with a more chugging bassline, and the vocals have been stripped back quite a lot. Those who liked the Original are likely to warm to this one, especially if the vocal didn't work for them.

The Henry Saiz Mix is my pick from the release, but the I:Cube Mix provides a nice alternative with some good atmosphere throughout. Not a bad release from GU Music, and if the track caught your eye on Fundacion then it might be worth checking out the release to hear the other versions of the track.

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