Artist: Phil K & Vance Musgrove
Title: Lost Sunday
Label: Lobotomy Records
By: Jason Calvert | 28 October 2005
  • 1. Original Mix
  • 2. Kriece Mix

Phil K & Vance Musgrove "Lost Sunday"

Out Now on Lobotomy Records

Lobotomy has been home to the amazing "Furball" from The Operators, and Darkarma's massive "Exit Body Map". Therefore I can certainly justify my high expectations for this release. Fellow Australians Vance Musgrove and Phil K take hold for "Lost Sunday", and considering their previous work, I think it is pretty safe to presume we have one damn fine release on our hands! But let us put these assumptions aside, and see how the track really measures up.

From the moment this track began, I knew it was going to be amazing. Lifting up with beautifully distorted guitar lines, the smooth and laid back breakbeat slowly begins to emerge. The bassline twists itself up and gets right inside the listeners head. The distorted guitar makes a return throughout the track, and other sub-melodies wind themselves into the composition. The end result is an extremely coherent production which is simply oozing with quality.

Lobotomy have gone for an all Aussie release here, bringing in Kriece for the remix. Kriece has become one of the most demiurgic tech producers to emerge lately. His nonpareil style adds a unique twist to "Lost Sunday", and certainly works to advantage the release. The foundations have been whipped up to a punchy 4/4 standard, and the bassline has been totally ripped up and re-layered. Minimal melodies float in the high ranges, and the overall feel is very unique, and would make a perfect selection for the more forward thinking DJ.

My assumptions were correct, and perhaps even exceeded with the inclusion of the Kriece Mix. Both sides are outstanding examples of their style, and both target vastly different crowds. At least one mix provided here is going to have you amazed, so I must recommend that you all get your hands on a copy. With future outings coming from Habersham and a project known as Datguy involving Corey Spengler, Lobotomy are one hot label you better be watching closely!

Lobotomy have recently made the switch to being an exclusively digital label, so if you want to get hold of one of their releases, the online digital stores are the place to be!

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