Artist: Phatjak
Title: Since I Found You
Label: Nascent Recordings
By: Jason Calvert | 24 April 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Mashtronic Mix

Phatjak "Since I Found You"

Out Now on Nascent Recordings

The duo of Angel Stoxx and Evan Kay have caught the attention of many lately, with their cheeky electro bangers with a reputation of working well in clubs and having a great positive vibe about them. The "Dirty Sunday EP" was an excellent collection of tracks, and certainly made me keep an eye out for the Phatjak name. So why did I feel somewhat let down by this release?

All the elements of the previous Phatjak tunes are evident on the Original Mix. The catchy electro synth, the tough bass stabs, and the club oriented beat. However, the depth found on some of their previous work seemed to be lacking on this one, and aside from the breakdown adding some variation to the track, it became a little repetitive towards the end, and just didn't pack the same punch as the rest of their work. Perhaps the style could have been varied a bit, just to throw the listeners off a little and not call it a stereotypical "Phatjak" sound. Something just didn't feel complete here.

The increasingly popular Mashtronic boys provide the remix on the B-Side. The main point I immediately noted was the much cleaner feel of the mix. The bassline was woven much tighter, and there seemed to be a lot more texture in terms of effects and percussion. The repetitive melody is still present here, but being a remix of the original, it wouldn't be quite right without it.

An interesting thing I noted was that the qualities heard on the Mashtronic Remix are more like what I would have expected from an Original Mix of a Phatjak track. Regardless though, with the scene's current lust for all things electro-tinged, this one is sure to be received well across the board. Sadly I just know how much Phatjak are capable of, and they didn't bring a whole lot to this track which hadn't been done before.

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