Artist: Phatjak
Title: Groovebox / Bitches
Label: Nascent Recordings
By: Jason Calvert | 14 November 2005
  • A: Groovebox
  • B: Bitches

Phatjak "Groovebox / Bitches"

Out Now on Nascent Recordings

Evan Kay and Angel Stoxx return again for some more phat electro tinged grooves with their latest outing on Nascent Recordings. Their tracks consistently throw dancefloors across the globe into madness, and as they slowly build up a solid discography, they are cementing a unique trademark sound which appeals to many.

"Groovebox" pushes an almost acid-like feel which is reminiscent of old-school flavour, yet still has a modern touch to it. Their trademark bass-heavy foundation propels forward as a simplistic upper range provides solid contrast. The key is explored further in the breakdown, before thrusting the listener right back into the peak time rhythm. Another solid outing for Phatjak.

"Bitches" goes for a similar feel, but incorporates dirtier underpinnings which work hand-in-hand with the futuristic bleeps and blips. The production qualities are comparable to that of the Hystereo outfit, and anyone who has read my reviews of their work would know that I mean this as a compliment! Due to the more complex nature of the composition, this track is my personal pick out of the two.

The tracks Phatjak are producing certainly have a peak-time atmosphere in mind, and I have been playing them out extensively over the past few months. If you're up for adding a healthy dose of electro-fuelled craziness to your house sets, then I can most highly recommend these guys as a great place to start.

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