Artist: Petter
Title: These Days (Remixes)
Label: Trojan Records
By: Jason Calvert | 19 September 2005
  • A: Sasha 'Involver' Mix
  • B: Luke Chable 'Those Days' Mix

Petter "These Days (Remixes)"

Out Now on Trojan Records

2003 saw the name Petter Nordkvist explode onto the scene with a breathtaking and moody masterpiece known as "These Days". Since then we have seen many more releases on labels such as Border Community and Deep Focus. Never being one to stick to a trademark sound, one never knows what is to come next from this producer. The only thing the listener can safely expect is quality. Paying homage to the original masterpiece here are two veterans who certainly pull the task off well.

Mellowing things right down first up is Sasha, who's blissful interpretation was featured on his stellar Involver compilation. Each element has been taken out and tweaked with razor precision, and then re-layered to form this unique interpretation. The mix retains the ambient mood of the original, whilst concurrently taking the track in a new direction. As the elements slowly build upon each other, we have a beautiful pace flowing by the end of the track.

Aussie boy Luke Chable turns the wheel 180 degrees to take us to his peak time anthemic interpretation. A powerful bassline sets up the foundations, and Chable adds his own twist to the primary melody, giving it a very interesting feel. His own powerful stabs are added to the composition, and the result is an absolutely banging tune which still pays excellent tribute to the original.

Two very different interpretations of the classic which make a perfect accompaniment to each other. Each retains the feel of the original which one would not want to destroy when mixing such a tune, and you really couldn't ask for more in the way of remixes of the original. A strong recommendation to almost anyone who enjoys progressive to check out this huge release for Chable's Trojan Records.

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