Artist: Petter
Title: Some Polyphony
Label: Border Community
By: Illya Zubaryev | 10 August 2006
  • A1: Some Polyphony
  • B1: Untight
  • B2: Less Exciting

Petter "Some Polyphony"

Out Now on Border Community

Petter Nordkvist is a young man emerging out of Sweden's Stockholm capital, only 20 years of age but a special talent to say the least. Anybody who is interested in electronic music has heard of this guy and his previous stunning releases, 'These Days' and the 'Six Songs EP'. With the amazing reception and acclaim Petter's productions have received, it's no wonder wonder that young Nordkvist has won over fans all around the world, including approval from countless producers and DJs; most impressively a fellow by the name of James Holden. Border Community owner and electronic God needed only to hear 'These Days' and he was quick to praise Petter (then a teenager) as a musical phenom. Furthermore, Holden added fuel to the fire under Petter's entrance into the world of music by including his first production in the famous Balance 005 mix, as well as signing the 'Six Songs EP' on to the Border Community label.

Now, 3 years into his career as both a musician and DJ, Petter is back on Border Community with the 3-track release of 'Some Polyphony'. The title track is already known and loved by many, but one wonders what else is in store for the listener this time around. As it turns out, this release is another example of Petter's diverse, unique style and uncommon ability to fuse and dwelve into many different genres of electronic music; from electro and techno to deep house and ambient.

First, we have 'Some Polyphony'. With indication from the apt title, this song is not oversaturated with sound or melody, but merely has "some" polyphony. Containing a simple, yet effective drum track, there is a concentration on the main chorus synths and bass line which chug along meeting many subtle, usually noise-like, swoosh and swirl details along the way. The more up front and least minimal of the bunch, 'Some Polyphony' is an atmospheric, techy tune that, although without any dramatic climax, serves its purpose extremely well, while maintaining both originality and listenability.

The second of three tracks is called 'Untight' and continues where 'Some Polyphony' left off, but this time bringing the listener into an even more open, minimal space with less instrumentation and action. The track relies on a subtle but very impressive synth with effects, reverberating samples and minor variations on the notation of the synth and bass lines. The track begins with simple techno beat and the aforementioned light synthesizer, but as time goes on a bass line and accompanying samples and minor synths flow in and out as well.

I was very curious about the third and final track after hearing the first two, but as the title suggests, 'Less Interesting' was well -- much less interesting. Bringing us to the end of a downward spiral of decreasing action, the atmospheric, widely spaced out nature of this release is now in its purest form via this short, simple ambient piece. I do have to say the seemingly live or even "alive" droning, atmospheric sounds of the noisy strings and light samples are pleasant, but only to someone who enjoys ambient music and frankly maybe just needs to get some shut-eye. The length of time is over 5 minutes with some fading and silence in certain spots, but 'Less Interesting' is not overly repetitive and therefore stays clear of being boring. With appropriate titles and a minimal style; this release is certainly a bed-time story that has a great introduction and conclusion.

In terms of mix inclusion, the whole EP in general has a lounging, relaxed feel and accordingly it's unlikely that this music, with the exception of the title track, will be heard in the peak hour of a night club when everyone is dancing, but possibly in a DJ performance at an upscale club with couches rather than an just an energetic dance floor. To be objective, even without much excitement or drama, this release is a one of the few quality electronic 12"s out this year that can be played while you're engaged in a philosophical discussion or a reading of dark poetry with your companion one night. Not even the best artists in the world can be expected to turn out stunning, orgasm-inducing hits with every release and Petter looks to have attained a personal goal and idea here. Conclusively, even though 'Some Polyphony' is not for everyone, if you are not bored by more atmospheric, minimal, flowing sounds and have an open mind to music, you might enjoy this as much as I have. Certainly recommended for purchase and home listening.

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