Artist: Petter
Title: Six Songs EP
Label: Border Community
By: Simon Jones | 25 June 2004
  • A1: All Together
  • B1: Left Turned
  • B2: Dica Drive
  • C1: Modern Eternity
  • D1: Tone Diary
  • D2: My Pretty Guitar

Petter "Six Songs EP"

Out Now on Border Community

2003 brought the arrival of Petter Nordkvist, one of several youngsters to emerge from within the Swedish music scene and onto the world stage over the last few months. His debut single 'These Days', on Holland's excellent Deep Records quickly became one of the standout singles of the year, but as the months have passed, people have quickly released that was barely the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Since then, Petter has proven himself to be a versatile and highly skilled producer, musician and more recently as a DJ, playing at many of Border Community's excellent nights, both in Amsterdam and also in London. After creating several forward thinking remixes for artists such as fellow Border Commies The MFA, his good friend and fellow Swede Rouzbeh Delavari and most recently US duo Powerplant, Petter has put together an EP of songs. Songs that transcend the musical spectrum, blurring the restrictive lines that dictate genres, but most of all, giving a real insight into the creative mind of one the most exciting talents to emerge in some time.

Starting as the EP continues, 'All Together' is a superb opener, it's low bass bubbling through the quirky drum arrangements that are seamlessly brought together with a dark and broody tech influence added to the symphonic strings and eerie melody that pulsates deep in the heart of the track.A brilliant fusion of dark hypnotic beats, bass and euphoric builds come together to form a dynamic and effective track that will leave dancefloors in a state of awe. 'Left Turned' is up next, the first of two dub inspired cuts on the EP. Strange and spacey acid sounds edge in over a sleepy groove, and after some time a kick drum cuts in, heralding the onset of the track's second half - a crazy soundscape of floaty synths and off the effects, topped off by a vocal that puts the exclamation point on the track. 'Dica Drive' continues the journey through dub sensibilities, as Petter goes down a more minimalist and techy route, a simple but constant groove pushing forward, whilst a low humming sound floats under the rattling chimes and beats, creating a satisfying effect that will not only zone you out, but is oddly compelling to say the least. Only halfway through the EP, and it's brilliance is already clearly evident.

The second disc of the double pack is headed up by 'Modern Eternity'. For me this is the standout of the EP, crisp beats and subtle melodies sitting atop a grinding bassline that at times melts into the happy and emotive soundscape that is being crafted. Soon acid stabs are brought into the mix, with a smooth female vocal hook placed right in the thick of things. The reintroduction of the melody line and it's subsequent fusion with the acid elements is just sheer brilliance and as the track descends into subtle electro at the end, you will understand the true genius that is at work with this unique mini album of tracks. 'Tone Diary' sees Petter enter the world of breakbeat, with this sublime ambient style epic being his take on the sound. It's subtle melodies and piano hooks sink down into the deep bass and broken beats, warm sounds emitting out of the groove constantly changing the sound of the track, Petter's arrangements showing that he always thinks that step further at all times. 'My Pretty Guitar' sits pretty at the end, a blend of downtempo layers, melodies and a never ending loop that forms the finest set opener (or closer) you could wish for, and is placed nice and snug here at the end of the EP, like the last surprise in your bulging Christmas stocking.

For indeed, this is an EP of gifts. Sounds you will marvel at and play over and over again. Six songs that take us several steps further into Petter's world, but only the beginning of many great things to come as he's already hard at work on a new collection of works for a highly respected and world renowned label. The Border Community takes us further into the unknown yet again, and if this EP is example of what happens day to day on the fringes, then I'm about to sell up and move there to enjoy every second. I recommend you do too.

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