Artist: Peter Gun
Title: Damn Words / Through The Summer
Label: Vapour Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 8 February 2007
  • A: Damn Words
  • B: Through The Summer

Peter Gun "Damn Words / Through The Summer"

Out Now on Vapour Recordings

Sometimes there will be a producer that whilst not prominently in the spotlight all of the time, quitely works away in the background, be it as a collaborator or engineer for another project or artist. Peter Gun is one such person. One could say that recently he's really sprung into the spotlight with an assortment of music under his various projects, but previously he contributed to the Prawler project alongside Oliver Moldan for many years, and has three long player artist albums to his name in as many years, with the most recent being 'Friendly Fire'. It's from that album that this AA single for Vapour Recordings is taken.

'Damn Words' needs no introduction. over the course of the last few months it's been a staple of the sets of some of the biggest DJs, spearheaded by John Digweed whom showcased it on his Summer 2006 Essential Mix, and subsequently championed it as one of his tracks of the year on his End Of 2006 Transitions show. The track itself is a deep brooding affair, big techy stabs and heavy duty loops, with subtle key changes and melodies giving the overall track a great hypnotic "3am" mood. It's the kind of track that Digweed is famous for unleashing on a crowd during one of his marathon sets, as the perfect mood setter or mind twister.

'Through The Summer' sits on the other end of the scale, built around a low sliding bassline and sublime piano keys. A cool electric guitar riff is teased into the track from the onset, and provides the main lead which pushes things forward, leading into the aforementioned piano breakdown. The sweeping lead creates a wave-like effect that glides through the speakers, no doubt ensuring a guaranteed crowd reaction. Whilst not as intense as it's counterpart, this track matches its quality with considerable ease.

Hot on the heels of the massive 'Love It' which was released under his Jurgens alias, Peter Gun once again delivers a thunderous release, and one which is without a doubt one of the best releases on Vapour Recordings in quite some time.

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