Artist: Pete Gooding Feat Nina
Title: Dance Electric
Label: Audio Therapy
By: Jason Calvert | 24 September 2005
  • A1: Cyber Mix
  • B1: Punk Mix
  • B2: DJ Tool 1
  • B3: DJ Tool 2
  • B4: Acapella

Pete Gooding Feat Nina "Dance Electric"

Out Now on Audio Therapy

Audio Therapy. The name has become synonymous with quality over the years. From the explosive beginning with Junkie XL's massive remix of Infusion's "Legacy", right up to the classy groove of Habersham's "Dryspell", Dave Seaman's label has continually pushed the boundaries of electronic music. And just when we began to get a feel of what style we can expect from the label, we get a unique killer of a track like this thrown in to blow away any preconceptions. Cafe Mambo's own Pete Gooding provides the track, and treats us to two very different interpretations, both of which are quite unlike anything else seen on the label before.

The Cyber Mix takes us down an electro route, mixing up some twisted melodies with a tough pounding bassline. Nina's robotic vocal fits perfectly into the futuristic composition, and in amongst the electro tinged madness Gooding still manages to provide a very strong sense of atmosphere. This moody track will most certainly be a favourite amongst electro DJs this year, and could even introduce fans of different styles to the more electro sounds.

From the rough percussion opening the Punk Mix, we know its going to be a dirty affair. A heavily filtered bassline slithers underneath the track, and complimenting this is a very haunting and trippy mid ranged melody line. Nina's vocals make their appearance again, fitting in just as well as on the flipside. Setting up a very different mood and suiting a very different atmosphere, this mix gives the release an excellent sense of balance.

If one was to ask me which mix I preferred, I could not say. Both are equally stunning in their own right, and it all really comes down to the mood you are aiming for. This release is a true winner for Audio Therapy, and shows us that they will not be pigeonholed into a specific style. The way things are going in the progressive scene at the moment, we could all certainly go for something slightly different now and again, and this fits the bill excellently.

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