Artist: Pete Gawtry
Title: Its Life
Label: Electrofly Records
By: Simon Jones | 3 December 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Wrecked Angle Mix

Pete Gawtry "Its Life"

Out Now on Electrofly Records

Pete Gawtry is most well known as being the owner of UK record store Tune Inn, which has also spawned it's own self titled record label and Progress Inn. However, he has also been developing his skills in the studio over the past few years, with collaborations with Medway just one of the things on his production resume. Most recently he's been working on a number of different tracks under different styles, with his most recent release as Pedro Delgardo being supported by DJs as diverse as Carl Cox and Fergie. This latest single on Electrofly sees him turn his hand to breakbeat, with his debut breaks single 'Its Life'.

Starting off with some subtle techy grooves and crisp beats, the 'Original Mix' soon reveals it's wildcard when a massive atmospheric bassline raises it's head and takes control of the track. Deep horn samples and subtle yet trippy effects lend a brooding vibe to this twisted beats workout. Vocal samples are slipped into the track towards the end, with a full on beat assault wiping the floor with whomever is left standing when all is said and done. I must admit that I was not expecting much from this, but Pete Gawtry holds his own here very comfortably.

'Wrecked Angle' take the track and beef it up with a more straightforward arrangement, but back it up with some tight drum layering and a killer bassline that rumbles along towards the break, before the bottom head is dropped out and a dark and moody beatfest hits home to close the track. It's nice to see Wrecked Angle do something that is a bit more subtle than their other mixes as of late, but still manage to create something which will have the same effect on the dancefloor.

The Electrofly saga continues to drive on like a runaway juggernaut, and even managing to surprise on more than one occasion. As we enter 2004, where the release of more new singles await plus Shiloh's artist album, it seems like the dominance will continue for some time to come yet.

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