Artist: Pete Gawtry
Title: Contact Future
Label: Pangea Recordings
By: Chad Harnish | 18 May 2004
  • A1: Evrydaydowners Mix
  • B1: Smight Mix
  • B2: Original Mix

Pete Gawtry "Contact Future"

Out Now on Pangea Recordings

Pangea Recordings is a deep progressive label formed by the Evrydaydowners duo Maji and Samer. Always seeking timeless tracks, they have signed the renowned Pete Gawtry who has releases on many labels including Tune Inn and Electrofly.

Gawtry's original mix of “Contact Future” sits hidden on the second half of the B side, but let me set it straight, this is no B side. Gawtry delivers a hauntingly charming straight beater that has been rocking dance floors for some time now. With the deeper crowd in mind, Gawtry drops deep bass lines, smooth percussion and ominous vocal samples.

Bring the needle back to the beginning of the B side for Smight’s take on things. Giving “Contact Future” his signature warmth treatment, Smight delivers a beautiful remix. It is a standout track on this single.

On the A side, “Contact Future” gets reworked by Evrydaydowners who are no strangers to Pangea Recordings. Not only do they have a number of singles on the label, but Maji and Samer are also the founders. The Evrydaydowners’ treatment to “Contact Future” is hard hitting and forceful with bright melodies.
Subsky: “man this tune is wicked after 3:00…very original track…”

Pangea has much in store for this year including releases from Murat M and BOD. Keep an eye on them.

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