Artist: Peres & Petersky
Title: Hello Ladies / Silent Moments
Label: Aurium Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 15 December 2005
  • A: Hello Ladies
  • B: Silent Moments

Peres & Petersky "Hello Ladies / Silent Moments"

Out Now on Aurium Recordings

New artists Peres & Petersky shock the dancefloors with a massive release for Aurium Recordings. The Polish duo have been influenced by Kraftwerk and Miles Davis, to newer artists like Ozgur Can, Nathan Fake and Petter. Their sound is somewhere in this group with trancey hooks cleverly executed with heavy techy rhythms riding along electronic backgrounds.

'Hello Ladies' has a cool trancey sound with lots of distortion and good techy synths. A fantastic rhythm section starts in with scratchy beats and then drops a heavy kick, picking up into a zippy drive while a lovely poked melody drops in. All of a sudden a arpeggiated bassline rolls in, similar to an Ozgur Can sound. A lovely pattern of notes plays in moving cleverly between the beats creating the main hook. Gliding along a ring tone starts to develop into a huge peak that changes tones, drops down low and then climbs high again, as all the sounds come crashing down. A new bug buzzing synth is added which travels through keys and bounces along the percussion before galloping through a minimal atmosphere. The bassline pulses as slicing synths cut in building again with the main hook. The ending is sublime as it all mellows down just leaving the main notes and atmosphere, and drops down into ambient.

'Silent Moments' is a very special tune. A fantastic futuristic ride of techy trance that oozes with quality. A hard heavy bounce kicks in as breathy sounds complete the beats. Distortion is added to not only the drums, but some very interesting watery voices that twist and melt inside a gripping bassline which frantically moves through wicked sassy tones. Keys sweep in adding a new depth, rolling and sweeping over the bass before dropping off into a sea of funk. Bell tones ring in dropping in between the beats building with the keys into a beautiful peak. With the bass still charging the melody breaks into new keys changing the shape of the song. It climbs down into a muffled break filled with mental imagery. A wash of sound builds again as the bass still muffled takes off again driving until the end.

I can not stress how awesome this record is. It's a great release for Peres & Petersky and Aurium Recordings. Their sound is exciting melting together techno and trance in a way that sounds futuristic but remains pretty and very clever.

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