Artist: Perc
Title: Splashy
Label: Perc Trax
By: Jason Calvert | 28 October 2005
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Avus Mix
  • B2: Marc Ashken Mix

Perc "Splashy"

Out Now on Perc Trax

Ali Wells has come a long way in a little time, having remixed some huge names and establishing the Perctrax label. Over the years, he has crafted an inimitable style which sets him apart from many producers in the scene, and Perctrax releases always seem to boast that certain edge to them which if you hear in the background somewhere you would turn around and say "wow, what track is that playing?". "Splashy" shows to be no exception.

The Original Mix sets up a juxtaposition of minimalist atmosphere and chugging groove. The percussion is a strong point as is in all Perc productions, and it is the finer elements of the tune which give it substance. Nothing will jump out and grab you, but that is the beauty of the track. On each listen the track seems to get deeper as I discover more elements and layers to it which I had not discovered on the previous listen. It won't be everyone's cup of tea (or coffee, take your pick), but it certainly made my day!

If the Original Mix didn't do it for you, you might have trouble picking up on the remixes, which push the track into an almost exclusive genre which to the uninitiated can be found quite intimidating. Scott Edwards under his Avus alias has constantly evaded pigeonholing by almost redefining his sound on every production. This unpredictable nature of his gains him a lot of credit in my books, and his twisted interpretation of "Splashy" certainly manages to stir interest. Stripping the track right down to nakedness, the barest of elements are recollected and layered in. The feel created is true minimalism, and this one does take a few listens to be fully appreciated. But I recommend giving it a chance, as its pulsing rhythm is one which has the potential of burning holes into your brain after a while, a sure-fire sign of quality work!!

An upcoming star with a unique love for blips and bleeps is Marc Ashken. If it will make any of you take more notice of him, James Zabiela is a big fan of his work! He takes a conservative route here on "Splashy", keeping up the feel of the Original Mix but tweaking it slightly in favour of his fashion. It no longer chugs with forward thinking thrust, however it bounces with minimal pleasure and welcomes with open arms the addition of Ashken's bleeps. The effects are the key to this mix which is continually building upon itself, and there is quite a lot to keep you interested in this mix if Avus didn't quite do it for you.

Three versions to take your pick from, but no guarantees you will warm to any of them. The track may appear cold from the outskirts, but the Original Mix certainly comes with my tried and tested seal of approval. The crowd loves it, and it will warm them up nicely if you're intending big things with your set. I encourage you all to give the other mixes multiple listens before passing judgement, in particular the Avus Mix. Finding beauty in it will push you to look beyond the surface of a track, something many will need to learn to do. Minimal music offers a lot when you learn to appreciate it, and even if just to explore your more diverse side, give this release a chance. You won't be sorry!

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