Artist: Perc
Title: Ice Cream For Kenton
Label: Perc Trax
By: Simon Jones | 8 April 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Spartak Tekdub Mix

Perc "Ice Cream For Kenton"

Out Now on Perc Trax

Perc Trax is the new label from producer Ali Wells. Having previously had releases on Silver Planet, Premier Sounds and Choo Choo (under the guise of Spartak), he now delivers one of his most accomplished works to date, the twisted acid workout that is 'Ice Cream For Kenton'.

The 'Original Mix' sees Perc get down and dirty, assembling a fine acid injected track that tweaks speakers and kicks like mule. A solid rolling groove sits at the centre as acid lines are interwoven over and around the central bass element. Synths ricochet off the beats as they drop, with the elements stripping back to reveal a devastating main riff that comes into play right in the centre of the chaos, before the acid returns for a second round to finish.

Under his 'Spartak' guise, Ali puts together the 'Tekdub Mix', taking the original and and layering some filthy techno stabs in amongst the beats, analogue influences becoming prominent as the groove takes a life of it's own, leading us to wild riffs that form the track's hook, and guiding the track through a terrain of compact and edited breaks to clinch the deal and take the dancefloor to pieces.

A promising start to the label, with future releases already lined up from Avus (complete with a remix by James Holden), ensuring that this first release is well supported, whilst setting the stage for more of Perc's work to come as he develops his sound further.

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