Artist: Perc & Gilbey
Title: Razor EP
Label: Perc Trax
By: Colin C. | 2 May 2006
  • A1: Reach For The Razors (Lead Mix)
  • A2: Reach For The Razors (Dub Mix)
  • B1: Mingle (Dub Mix)
  • B2: Mingle (Original Mix)

Perc & Gilbey "Razor EP"

Out Now on Perc Trax

Alistair Wells has been working hard these past few years, crafting his special blend of mayhem and unleashing it not only as Spartak and Perc, but also making sure his unique style is heard throughout his Perc Trax label. Fans of his have found the label to stay true to the mentality of his productions, with releases from other tech-savvy producers such as Avus (Border Community) and Man-To-Man (Pierre J/Q/Sway). With the label's ninth release Ali teams up with Choo Choo honcho Barry Gilbey for their debut collaborative EP

Four tracks occupy the Razor EP, the first side giving us two mixes of the title track 'Reach For The Razors'. Right out of the gate it's obvious that these two make for a good team. Ali comes correct with all the itch and glitch one would want from a Perc track, where Gilbey helps round it out with his chunky, groovy style. The lead mix throws down quite a killer bass line surrounded with distorted hits and synth patterns that feel like they've been bleached clean by some super solvent. A minimal adventure to say the least, but the thing that separates this from the flock is the control and craftsmanship that shows that the boys know how to tweak their shit out. The dub mix gives off a similar vibe to the original, yet feels fairly empty as the bass line is replaced here with a much more muted underlying one. With repetitive synth patterns and quirky hits here and there, this makes for more of a DJ tool than a stand-alone track, and definitely cries out for someone to edit/rehash this over some other beats in a live set.

'Mingle' comes in on the flip side with both an original mix and a dub mix too. Again these boys bring in some really crispy percussions to complement the electro-ish elements that make up the original mix. The bass line is so bit crushed that it crackles right through the mix while perc styled synth effects are cut in and out. The dub mix takes the track onto a slightly less spastic mode, keeping more of the original elements than the dub mix of 'Reach…' did. 'Mingle' is the perfect example of glitch-y tech house done right.

Fans of Gilbey's more proggy style should be warned, they won't find anything deep or atmospheric about these productions. However his production techniques are still on point even with this tech fueled EP. I can’t say I'm not surprised that these two have been able to pull this off, both have such a unique presence that makes these tracks a pleasure to listen to from not only a DJ/dance floor perspective, but from a production stand point too. If glitched out, minimal tech house is your thing, definitely add this to your collection as its sure to do some damage on the floor.

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