Artist: Paul Lancaster
Title: Night Vision
Label: CP Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 26 July 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Tigerhook Bye-Knock-U-Lars Mix

Paul Lancaster "Night Vision"

Out Now on CP Recordings

Paul Lancaster comes the North of England and has already had some great releases on Climax Recordings, as well as Cass’ new label, Sabotage Systems. His funky progressive sounds to his darker growling have gained a lot of support from big djs bedroom djs alike. His first release for CP Recordings is a great mixture of electo and dark tones, with a big groove and a spooky voice. ‘Night Vision’ is a creepy tune, and with Tigerhook Corp. on remix duties, this is set to be big release.

The ‘Original’ starts in with some layered beats. A high drum sound is added; then a clap and then the high hats. A very low and funky electro bassline starts to take shape. It starts to get a really nice groove when a man’s vocoded voice starts speaking. Trippy sounds start to fill up the space, as the voice continues on. Dark stabs come down pushing hard. Falling off to a quick break, a woman’s vocal sways in the background, as other sounds enter the mix. Back into beats; the voice, groove an sinister sounds take us to the end. Nice.

Tigerhook Corp. have graced many plates and turntables for years. Their funked up, dirty sounds can be found in sets as varied as those of Danny Howells and even on John Digweeds Kiss FM show. This is a groovy mix, with a very techno infused sound. ‘Tigerhook Corp Bye-Knock-U-Lars mix’ is a brilliant flip to the darker original. Keeping the electro tones, but completely changing the bassline. The bass is a filthy slap bass type of sound. It screams a big groove. The man’s vocoded voice is used more as percussion, and is looped on one part. It’s still creepy, but this time it gives off a dirty vibe. Never really letting the tune break, we go through some mild changes, all keeping with the funky tones. This is an amazing remix.

CP Recordings is the start of something great. This is going to be a label to watch in the future and has a lot of potential with high profile artists, and remixers. Paul’s first release for the label will pop off and be a big player for sure. A quality release for both.

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