Artist: Paul Hamill
Title: All I Want
Label: Alternative Route
By: Nick Bower | 3 February 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Marty Goodwin Mix

Paul Hamill "All I Want"

Out Now on Alternative Route

America, Australia, Israel, Holland, feels like Alternative Route have released a track from at least one recording artist from every place on the planet to date. Galloping hot on the heels of the monumental 'Ride' from Australia's finest breaks-men Chable and Bonnici, and continuing the label's international outlook, comes 'All I Want'. This sees Alternative Route now winding down their twisty musical path to lead them to Ireland and Paul Hamill.

Hamill, having had success in 1998 with his release 'Silver' - can proudly claim he created Ireland's single of the year back in 1998. 'Silver' earnt him widespread respect around the globe, no doubt gave his recording career a great kickstart as well as getting his name out to the masses. Now as rotational resident at Shine, Lush, Basement and Deep Fried Funk - the Irish have never had it so good as Hamill manages to maintain a solid dj'ing career, AND still have time to devote to his blossoming recording commitments.

His latest creation, hitting turntables fresh for 2004, is 'All I Want'. The track has, thanks to its genre crossing appeal, found its way into the record boxes of some of the scene's premiere league djs, who have been getting rather excitable about it - which is always a good sign. 'All I Want' has been regularly getting spins from Satoshi Tomiie, Nick Warren, Meat Katie, Fred Numf, Sander Kleinenberg, Infusion, Paulo Mojo and Demi and many, many more. Thats not even beginning to mention the radio support that track's obtained so far, plus i'm sure there's much more airplay in the pipeline. Seeing the list of those championing this track is almost like reading a 'who's who' of the dj'ing world. Pretty impressive stuff.

So what's all the fuss about? Well the Original of 'All I Want' simply captures your interest from the word go. Racing in like a seriously annoyed rhino in full stampede it comes straight at you, hitting with a tough and bassy stomping beat right from the let up on this one. A techy, relentlessly driving number, within the first minute of playing 'All I Want' you can see why it has so much appeal to so many different djs. As the track develops filters manipulate the sound taking to it to other-worldly subterranean depths and then sweeps back to ascend gloriously peaking highs. A vocal repeatedly stating "...All I Want..." slides in and out as sizzling snares rocket the whole concoction forward at an blisteringly exciting pace.

On the B side we have the Marty Goodwin remix. Returning once more to remix Paul Hamill (he also remixed his previous Alternative Route smash - 'Access Psycatron'), Goodwin delivers a hugely contrasting mix alongside the sound of the original production. Its still lovely to find a track that has a contrasting flip side coming from a totally different angle, rather than a slight re-working of the existing material. So definite brownie points awarded on that front. Marty Goodwin's breakbeat interpretation of 'All I Want' could, in my opinion, sell the track in its own right. Its little wonder that breaks supremo Meat Katie is having kittens about it - so much so he's quickly got hold of the remix for his forthcoming Bedrock compilation. This probably leaves you in little doubt what the Marty Goodwin mix is like - tough, chunky tech-tinged breaks - the sound which Meat Katie cherished worldwide for. Hurtling along at a giddy Warp Factor 9, the mix once more manages to cram some superb filter action and nagging, dirty bassline in. However, to counter the dirty dark side of the track is its lighter and harmonious side. A beautifully dreamy synth chime crops up now and again which just balances to track out wonderfully - neither making it too harsh or soft as crisp hi-hats and echoed tom-toms add to the mix.

Basically this is a great little duo of music, which thanks to its solid support I think will be hanging around in plenty of record boxes for some time to come. Go get a copy to put in yours.

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