Artist: Patch Park
Title: Maverick & Got That M!
Label: Little Mountain Recordings
By: Andrew Bilen | 11 February 2008
  • A: Maverick
  • B: Got That M!

Patch Park "Maverick & Got That M!"Patch Park "Maverick & Got That M!"

Out Now on Little Mountain Recordings

Patch Park has been incredibly busy over the last couple months, releasing material on reputable labels such as Deep Dish's Yoshitoshi sub-labels Shinchi and YO!, as well as Max Graham's Re*Brand imprint. Now they're bringing their take on house and electro to Sander Kleinenberg's Little Mountain Recordings.

First up is 'Maverick,' a stomping electro house tune with a warbling bass line and heavily distorted synths that slowly develop into a dramatic breakdown. The track has a really strong kick to it that really cements the opening minutes of the track, as the heavily distorted synths slowly build to sweep and echo across the track. It has a slightly industrial element as well, as many of the sounds have a crunchy metallic reverb to them. The breakdown mixes things up quite a bit, breaking into big dramatic sweeps that slowly swell to introduce more bright and uplifting sounds into the track. Here we see the introduction of the best element of the song which is a big, funky synth with a killer groove that helps to bring the track to a nice strong conclusion. Overall, the breakdown in 'Maverick' is the track's focal point as the opening minutes aren't particularly memorable, but the follow-up track more then makes up for that shortcoming.

The second track on this release goes into more traditional house territory, leaving behind the buzzing electro elements of 'Maverick.' This time around, Patch Park creates a smooth and elegant groove that would get any true house fan on their feet. 'Got That M!' is a deep, dubby, soulful slice of house music that is simply addictive. It creates an inescapably hypnotic groove that doesn't let go, and as the track progresses a subtle electro styled synth stab makes its appearance, providing the perfect amount of variety to keep things fresh. This track is down right perfect from start to finish, and I can honestly say I listened to it about 3 or 4 times straight the first time I heard it.

These two tracks each have very different personalities, and being a huge sucker for more laid back house, I personally am in love with 'Got That M!.' But 'Maverick' is no slouch either and is sure to find fans amongst the electro and tech house set. An excellent choice by Little Mountain Recordings to add this release to their arsenal. Patch Park definitely has a new fan.

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