Artist: Pat Foosheen
Title: Zion
Label: EQ Grey
By: Chloe Harris | 2 July 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Sphere Mix

Pat Foosheen "Zion"

Out Now on EQ Grey

Pat Foosheen is making a big name for himself within the progressive community. Another deep and dark gem from one of Chicago's finest, lands in the hands of all the big names' boxes, and will win many hearts over. With previous singles receiving varied response, it looks as though 'Zion' marks his ascension to the next level based on the huge support it has already received.

'Zion' starts with a nice 4/4 kick pattern, and wet sounding high hats. A vocoded voice says 'zion', as the a low tone starts building underneath. A bassline starts to reveal itself. It's thick, and groovy, and pumps just enough. Toms make their way in, and then claps on top of that. Metallic synth lines come down and take over the tune. Tons of different sampled sounds move around, filling up the atmosphere. The drums start to fall off, and we go into the break. Little bleeps come in, and a nice groove starts underneath. The vocoder goes once again, and some trippy stabs come down hard. We go back into the drums, and come out of the tune. A very dark and eerie tune.

'Sphere' is Barry Robb, a great producer from Orlando, Florida. Taking a bit of a break, it's nice to have him back, with this choice remix. Hidden toms start to make their way up to the front, from being muffled. The voice starts in, very effected. The claps come in hard. Sounds are delayed in the background, as synths rise up, and takes over the tune. A very orchestrated tune, with a massive arpeggiation that twists and turns. At a short break, we pop into a thunderous bassline and more spacey snyths roll on top. An outstanding remix that builds and builds.

Australian label EQ Grey keeps on putting out amazing tunes, and this one doesn't disappoint.

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