Artist: Pat Foosheen
Title: Faith In The Elders / Prophecy
Label: Acute Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 3 July 2003
  • A: Faith In The Elders
  • B: Prophecy

Pat Foosheen "Faith In The Elders / Prophecy"

Out Now on Acute Recordings

Pat Foosheen is up again with another lovely slice of music. Already having releases on Fade, Chug and most recently, EQ Grey he delivers a couple of good tracks for Acute Recordings. He focuses on the milder aspects of music with ‘Faith In The Elders’, and has a more electro approach with ‘Prophecy’. With his signature darkness, and lovely tribal rhythms he always keeps things fresh and moving.

‘Faith In The Elders’ is a very nice smooth tune. Low toms, and slight drumming start in, as lush pads come over the top. Taking a minimal approach to the tune, the pads slowly move in and out every once and a while. The drums start building, and claps soon come in. The bassline bounces along, but very calmly. Some vocals start to appear. They are effected, and trippy, and sound really cool. There’s a nice groove underneath the whole tune, as we drop into the break for a moment. Drums fall, and the vocal is now the focus, with a couple synths mixed in. Back into the beats, the groove starts again. This is a very good warm up tune, or something made for a mix compilation.

A kick starts us into ‘Prophecy’. Low toms join in, as well as the high hats building up the drums, and taking the song into a very low funky bassline. Dark stabs come in over the top. The sounds are very metallic and evil. Synth slices cut into the whole track. Quick changes keep your attention to this deep tune. An electronic voice comes in, and moves us into some very electro sweeps and bleeps. We go into a short break, the voice takes over the tune, and the sweeps warm it all up. Back into the beats, all the sounds join together, and move to the end. A lovely deep, dark, and trippy tune.

Pat Foosheen is in top form at the moment. With two great releases recently, a great radio show on Proton Radio, and many upcoming projects, he’s definitely one to be seen in 2003. Acute Recordings, Jason Jollins imprint from New York grows stronger release by release. This one is sure to do some damage.

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