Artist: Paris & Sharp
Title: Temptation
Label: Orient Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 26 July 2003
  • A: Vox Mix
  • B: Ruthless Mix

Paris & Sharp "Temptation"

Out Now on Orient Recordings

Paris & Sharp are Luis Paris and Martin Sharp. In the last few years they have worked on some big remixes, Casa Flava’s ‘De Moma De’, and Solar Stone’s ‘Seven Cities’, as well as had great success with their own solo projects, and under their other moniker, PS Project. Their heavy, energetic sounds, have been played in clubs all over the world, and have been supported by the big boys. ‘Tempation’ is a light vocal, club ready tune, which is bound to make people happy.

The ‘Vox’ mix is a heavy hitting, thumper of a tune. Starting in with drums and swooshing sounds, followed by some weird spacey squishy sounds. The kick begins to pound. A bouncy bassline starts to bring it all together. The drums build up more and more, amazing power in them. An acid line starts to growl underneath and becomes the main part of the tune. Popping off into a lush break; the sublime textures really smooth the sound down. Nice piano bits, and clever sweeps, all along with a breathy vocal. Some filtered sounds come in and take us back into the beats. The bassline returns; a bit more funky and with some changes. This tune brings a powerful punch and is definitely going to stir up big rooms.

The ‘Ruthless’ mix stars with the same squishy sounds. It’s a bit more electronic, with more reverb, and more focus on those sounds. The kick thumps, and the drums build nicely. The bassline is much more driving then the ‘Vox’ mix. Tons of delayed tones keep it moving quickly. The vocal comes in for a moment, and a tiny arpeggiated rhythm that has a nice groove. The break is quick, and sharp. It moves through a sort of breakbeat driven moment, with drums falling and sounds taking a different shape. Lazer sounds start to come in, as does another rhythm part. The drums kick back in, and we take off. A couple more short stops on the way to the end. A great remix; driving, heavy, and anthemic.

This is a great release for Paris & Sharp. Their production quality is outstanding. If you are after a funky groove, with twisted sounds, and a light vocal, this is for you. Looking forward to more Orient releases, as this proves they are on the up and up.

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