Artist: Parham & Dominic Plaza
Title: Gun
Label: Fokused Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 6 September 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Mashtronic Mix

Parham & Dominic Plaza "Gun"

Out Now on Fokused Recordings

Parham and Dominic Plaza have been assaulting us with their "hybrid sound" of progressive trance house for a some time now, and have luckily received constant support from the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seaman, and Kasey Taylor. The launch of Parham's label Fokused has allowed them to delve further into their own brand with original solo and duo productions as well as remixes for well known artists like Son Kite and Nikola Gala. Their next release, 'Gun' is a collaborative effort that gets a smashing remix by those German heavyweights, Mashtronic. Whatever they touch seems to turn to dancefloor gold, and this is sure to happen again.

The Original Mix is a beefy progressive trancer. Huge kicks accompany ravey stabs that build into a driving bottom end full of semi-electro bass thumps, quick hats and feverish synth work, as the ravey stabs are captured by an arpeggiator moving up and down keys. A vibrant long stretched synth breaks it up and drops out the beats a few times before dropping into the break. It's a long drawn out middle with the bottom end electro bass keeping on, while high synths layer in the background, swirling and peaking before galloping back into a huge bassline and the synths which drive to the very end.

Mashtronic have been carving a niche within music lately. Their tough electro house style has been caned by John Digweed and has won over legions of fans all over the world. They take 'Gun' to new heights, with a sound all of their own. The kick starts things off, as hats, claps and 80’s toms are added and then pulled through filters quite a few times before the electro bassline creeps in. The wiggly drive works so well underneath, allowing the ravey stabs to stomp down and delay off building a fantastic mood. The synths ride high but hidden slightly in the background before falling off into a monster of a break touched by even more filters. An intense middle of flying synths, rolling and slicing tones and an electro groove that builds producing an immense peak once it all comes back in.

Parham and Dominic Plaza have released a lovely progressive 12" here on Fokused. While the original 'Gun' maybe be too trance orientated for some, there's the huge Mashtronic mix for all your bubbling electro needs. And if that isn’t enough for you, Parham and Dominic Plaza, have a new release out on Nick K's Gangsta Audio label, called 'Underwater Rivers'.

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