Artist: Parallel Sound
Title: Gypsy Dog / Dancing Light
Label: Hope Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 27 June 2006
  • A: Gypsy Dog
  • B: Dancing Light

Parallel Sound "Gypsy Dog / Dancing Light"

Out Now on Hope Recordings

The duo of Tim Lloyd and Musa Hove have been involved with the dance scene for many years, but the last two years have seen their Parallel Sound project really come into it's own. In addition to a unique live show that consistently receives rave reviews each time they play out, they have been turning heads in the production forum with a series of singles on labels that include Whoop! Recordings, Nu Republic, and here on Hope Recordings, which is where they now return with their latest AA offering, featuring the tracks 'Gypsy Dog' and 'Dancing Light'.

Parallel Sound don't really have a particular style or sound they conform to, and this diversity is no more apparent than in 'Gypsy Dog', the A-side track of this latest single. Built around a tight groove, this subliminal summertime house track is just perfect for those early evening terrace sets, its hypnotic percussion and funky upbeat tempo reminiscent of the Sasha & Emerson classic 'Scorchio'.

'Dancing Light' is a total contrast however, a straight up trippy dancefloor track that subtly builds and twists, with it's ethereal undertones evoking a cool atmospheric mood, whilst the linear melodies and slap bass lead drive forward. The arrangement of the track is well layered, and when all the elements are brought together, watch how this track takes control of the floor and gradually tightens it's grip.

All in all, a superb single from Parallel Sound. Following on from their remix of Bedrock's latest single 'Santiago', they are proving to be a duo to watch as of late, and with several more releases to come throughout 2006, should be watched very carefully indeed.

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