Artist: Pappa & Gilbey
Title: Ortygia
Label: Choo Choo Records
By: Chloe Harris | 10 June 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Wrecked Angle Mix

Pappa & Gilbey "Ortygia"

Out Now on Choo Choo Records

These two very talented men don't need an introduction. Their sound has grown into the dirty beats and trippy hypnotic sounds as we've all grown to love. Their last collaborative effort for Barry Gilbey's Choo Choo Records was 'Skin Deep' went down a storm from DJs, club goers and listeners alike. Here they are with 'Ortygia', yet another hypnotic blend of trippy synth work and edgy housey beats that make the ears happy and the brain fizzle. The talented Wrecked Angle strip the tune down into a heavy break beat monster.

The 'Original Mix' starts out with filtered muffled drums and builds into techy thick percussion and a swelling bassline. Some tribal rhythms join in while a swishy synth leans back and forth between the speakers and builds along with some mental stabs. Delays and swirling effects cut into a break, dropping off into a crunchy breakbeat filled with stutters and rolls. Building back into the house beat, the main melodic hook creeps in from behind. The synths ride through key changes and effects, moving 'Ortygia' through its depth.

'Wrecked Angle', as you know, is the duo of Steve Gerrard and Russell Pearce. They rework 'Ortygia' into a trippy breaks rendition. An ambient intro starts things off, as high hats and layers of sound build into the breaks. The bassline rolls on underneath while percussive stabs drop into the drums. The main synth moves through the speakers once again, while swirling noises fade off and travel through clever effects inside a cool atmosphere.

Pappa and Gilbey have such a cool sound. Heavy beats and bass and the tiniest swirling pattern which creates such a mood and depth inside 'Ortygia'. Their next single 'Miracle', shall be revealed sometime later this year.

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