Artist: Panopticon
Title: Revealing The Door
Label: Audio Therapy
By: Chloe Harris | 14 December 2004
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Dub Mix
  • B2: Reprise

Panopticon "Revealing The Door"

Out Now on Audio Therapy

Panopticon is the genius collaboration of Habersham and friends Ben McPherson and Darius Kohanim from Atlanta. Habersham has been making a massive impact in the last couple of years with his heavy gnarly but somber sounds and mental production quality. His tunes find homes in the boxes of all the best DJs and his own sets are being well received everywhere. For this release, the three friends get down to business with a lush and dreamy tune called 'Revealing The Door'. There are 3 mixes here to choose from, the original being accompanied by a dub interpretation, which beefs up the bass for a mental onslaught, and a sweet reprise that has so much depth it's hard to find words that do it justice.

The 'Original Mix' is a dreamy surreal tune with lots of watery layers and somber melodies playing off a deep bassline. Watery textures and minimal tribal beats start in, while spaced out synths slowly loom over. Slight vocal clips set in with the beats and a low bass steps up the groove, while a mellow chug starts before dropping off into a break of melting synths and new melodies. Light dropping tones fall into the depth creating new harmonies on top of everything before being sucked up into a thick bassline. The drums punch back in with cool effects and delays and works into a really cool loop that sounds like a real drummer pounding away. The drums dip and drop out giving you time to relax and fall into the synths long enough to wish the tune wasn’t over.

The 'Dub Mix' is a darker grittier version with massive bass, but still has the spaced out synths and watery layers of the original. Chuggier techy drums start in building with high hats and a shaker. A humpy bassline creeps in and bubbles nicely while it grooves with the light synths. Sweet atmospheric layers capture everything, while the main melody pokes through from out behind the beats. More percussion is added before the vocal snips cut in and take us into a break. A pulling sound rips into the beats slowing everything down into just the synths, while a growly evil bass starts to tear through the sounds. Filtered beats start building up from silence and a break beat kicks in making you move, while the bass brings it all back in with a punch, before it all slowly falls apart till the end. .

The 'Reprise' has been stripped of its beats and given an overall warm makeover. Lovely mellow synths begin while beautiful strings play with the vocal bits. A dreamy rolling arpeggiation comes up from the depth and works perfectly with the low bass. This is a gorgeous version of 'Revealing The Door' with loads of effects and mellow sounds to wrap yourself up in.

Talking about this record won't do it justice. You need to find this right away, because I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

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