Artist: Panoptic
Title: Surface
Label: Minimal Records
By: Simon Jones | 19 June 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Kingkade Mix

Panoptic "Surface"

Out Now on Minimal Records

Panoptic is one of the production aliases of rising new talent Mick Burns from Birmingham in the UK. Having broke into the scene with his debut single 'Greedy Planet' on new label Confi Dance, his work has quickly been recognised by labels and djs worldwide, with some of his work having been signed to established labels like Gravitation and Saw Recordings, in addition to new labels such as Sander Kleinenberg's Little Mountain Recordings. Indeed, Sander is a great fan of his work, as is Nick Warren, Dave Seaman, and Sasha, who is a particular fan of this release 'Surface'. Quite impressive for someone who less than half a year ago was a total unknown, but I have a feeling that will change soon..

Layer upon layer of rough percussion weaves it's own little rhythmic melody if you listen closely enough as the 'Original Mix' of 'Surface' unfolds. Well timed use of loops build in sublime fashion to the warm sub bass groove that controls the main section of the track. A singular melody trickles up and down over the perucssion and groove as it then develops, leading into the most infectious riff hook that I have heard in a long time, as the bottom end drops out, only to return as the sub bass effects conceal a gorgeous sweeping string arrangement that emerges. The tempo increases and the mood of the track changes, as it builds torwards the dreamy ambient break, continuing on into a smooth outro which wraps this awesome track up perfectly.

'Kingkade' has his work cut out for him on the flipside, but isn't put off, dropping in a heavy bassline right amongst the techy percussion he introduces into the mix. The difference here is that this mix focuses on the groove, teasing the melody all the way up to the break, where it takes over and guides the groove into a twisted and loose outro, chugging along to the final beat.

Quite easily Mick Burns' finest work to date, and proof why he is one of the most sought after new producers of the moment by labels worldwide. Minimal were wise to snap him up as this is one of their best releases to date, and with further Panoptic material to come on the label, we can look forward to more somewhere down the line, but why wait till then, because this, to sum it up in one word, rocks.

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