Artist: Pako & Frederik
Title: Systematic
Label: GU Music
By: Simon Jones | 5 October 2003
  • A1: Systematic
  • B1: Step Lively
  • B2: Systematic Error

Pako & Frederik "Systematic"

Out Now on GU Music

Pako and Frederik have long been associated with the Global Underground brand. From early singles such as 'Seaside Atmospheres' to more recent work such as 'Western Approaches 2002' and 'Beatus Processor', they have always been at the forefront of the brand's labels Coded and Quad, and how fitting that they now launch the successor of those two labels, entitled GU:Music. The track chosen to launch the new label is entitled 'Systematic', taken from their forthcoming album 'Atlantic Breakers', but is this flagship release for both label and artist all it's cracked up to be?

Subtle percussion and soft breakbeats set the backdrop for the track known as 'Systematic'. Gradually edging in, a swirling analogue riff is introduced which bounces around the soundscape being created. Light stabs change things up a little as the melody grows in prominence, evolving and developing as the track moves forward. Downtempo effects add a sense of darkness and depth to the overall sound, in turn drawing out the central melody even further. Sweeping rhythms and tight arrangements bring everything together, and this track oozes the usual Pako and Frederik production qualities made so famous by tracks like Seaside Atmospheres, yet updated for a new time and a new place, and showcasing a maturity in their sound.

It's a maturity further unraveled by the heavy hitting rhythm percussion of 'Step Lively'. Taking no prisoners as it heads out of the starting blocks, a series of timed drops bring us down into the main groove of the track where rippling beats build up tightly to the moody, evil bassline that is unleashed, like a caged animal breaking free to cause some damage. Bassbin testing beats then rise out of the groove lending a moody edge to this fast paced dancefloor cut.

A stark contrast indeed to the blissful ambience of 'Systematic Error' which strips back all the elements of the original and becomes a beautiful, melodic slice of downtempo pleasure for your ears. If the original was for the dancefloor, then this is one of those tracks that you could call headphone listening, where the intricate sounds and effects will dazzle your senses. Both a track in it's own right and an additional dj tool, this is a welcome inclusion to this single.

If you needed any justification as to the credentials of Pako and Frederik, look no further. This single showcases how far they have developed over the years, and should more than build interest in the 'Atlantic Breakers' album which takes the ideas on this single in other directions. Is this the start of a new Global Underground and a hint at what to expect from the GU:Music imprint? Time will tell.

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