Artist: Pako & Frederik
Title: 45 Minutes (Remixes)
Label: GU Music
By: Simon Jones | 28 June 2004
  • A1: Medway Mix
  • B1: Pako & Frederik Mix
  • B2: Pako & Frederik BRB Reprise

Pako & Frederik "45 Minutes (Remixes)"

Out Now on GU Music

'45 Minutes' is the latest single from Pako & Frederik, lifted from their debut long player 'Atlantic Breakers'. With the original being widely acknowledged as one of the standouts of the album, this remix 12" sees the dutch duo revisit it with the dancefloor in mind, with the release also seeing another remix from a man who's slowly making a comeback as of late, Medway.

Not disappointing, the 'Medway Mix' is a heavy bass workout, the kind that Jesse Skeens has been well known for producing over the years. A thick, pumping bassline sits at the centre of the mix, with some crisp techy drum arrangements thrown over the top. Floating soundscapes, acid stabs and twisted pads are brought together and manipulated on the fly, ending in a frenzied acid storm that seals the deal for this excellent remix which shows even after some time in the wilderness, Medway has not missed a step.

'Pako & Frederik' turn in a solid remix over on the flip, ethereal soundscapes and smokey dubbed out beats both omnipresent in this late night rework, a subtle but effective melodic break changing things up as the mix bubbles along in subconscious and dreamy fashion to it's conclusion, with the duo's 'BRB Reprise' a superb ambient breaks tool that will come in handy any time you choose to let it loose. Both mixes have the usual production hallmarks from the majestic duo, and wrap up this collection of mixes in fine fashion.

Now into it's fifth release, GU Music is proving to be quite the formidable hotbed of talent, and with a new single from the Trafik boys, in addition to many other surprises lined up for the coming months, watch for GU Music's stock to rise rapidly.

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