Artist: PQM Project & Phil K
Title: They Just Wont Let Me Be
Label: Institution Recordings
By: Jason Calvert | 6 September 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Habersham Vs Relisys Mix

PQM Project & Phil K "They Just Wont Let Me Be"

Out Now on Institution Recordings

Aussie legend Phil K teams up with DJ and production veteran PQM for this interesting track, fusing both deep basslines and Janis Joplin vocals. Sound interesting? Well you've certainly got that right, with two very unique mixes which suit vastly different moods!

The Original Mix is a deep 4/4 composition boasting some tough bassline hooks along with some string synths and driving percussion. A dirty guitar riff sets things on their way and we get Joplin's vocals brought in over the top with amazing result. A track which works excellently in building up a mood and never goes over the top on any particular element.

The real standout of this release however comes from Habersham and Relisys, whose twisted breaks interpretation gets right inside the listener's head to wreak its havoc. The dirty percussion makes up a large part of the composition, and the guitar hooks slide their way underneath this, with a minimal bassline making its appearance. A hectic breakdown allows Joplin to scream out her vocals over the guitar riffs and string synths. All of this together is sure to cause pure madness on any dancefloor when dropped late at night.

PQM's interesting approach to his tracks never disappoints, and add to this the strong production qualities of Phil K and you have one solid release on your hands. A definite winner for Institution, and as always Habersham remains at the top of his game with his twisted remix. For those who like their vocals dirty, and love a fusion of rock with progressive house then this is one release you can't pass by.

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