Artist: POB & Taylor
Title: Aura
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 20 May 2004
  • A: Northern Lights Mix
  • B: Heavy Tone Mix

POB & Taylor "Aura"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

After a short hiatus, the Bedrock label continues it's legacy with a release from two long standing names in the scene. POB & Taylor's collaborative work first came to us in the form of 'Ba Ba', the hugely successful track that along with a remix by Human Movement became a genre defining classic of it's time, and is still held in high regard today. This was followed by another track called 'Today' which featured on POB's debut album 'Essence', and up until now, both producers have kept out of the spotlight, but now return several months later with the highly anticipated follow up 'Aura'.

The 'Northern Lights Mix' sits on the a-side, quickly reminding us the previous work by these two long standing producers as trademark sounds are quickly noticeable. The deep and chunky snares that are a trademark of POB are on hand here, dropped in amongst rugged beats and a drifting melodic hook that lifts the mix nicely and carries it forward. Fading out, the beats return with a dirtier edge to them, and with a big string section building to a devastating drop, which then leads into a twisted acidic finale that will leave you reeling.

Somewhat of a contrast, the 'Heavy Tone Mix' strips things back, taking us deeper as the acidic stabs are left to their own devices, simmering in soundscape of quirky vocal drops, subtle hooks and driving beats. Haunting effects and drifting melodic lines create a solid vibe, and this darker interpretation works equally as well as it's more upbeat counterpart.

After some time out of the spotlight, POB & Taylor show they haven't lost a step, and return with a fine single that exemplifies the Bedrock ethos in every way. What we can expect from these two in the future I do not know, but let's hope they delight us with more tasty cuts like this.

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