Artist: PJ
Title: Glaze / Skunk
Label: Infamous Light Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 26 March 2004
  • 1. Glaze (Original Mix)
  • 2. Skunk (Original Mix)
  • 3. Glaze (Extended Mix)
  • 4. Skunk (Extended Mix)

PJ "Glaze / Skunk"

Out Now on Infamous Light Recordings

Infamous Light Recordings is a digital only tech house label born in January of this year and can be found at EDMDigital, Beatport and Hooj. Label head Praveen Jayarajan thought it would be a great idea to hop into digital downloads since the growing trend is proving to be quite popular. 'Glaze' and 'Skunk' is the first release and it’s a world of computer game beeps and boinks amidst groovy basslines and techy drums.

'Glaze' is a twisted tech house song with mechanical drumming, lazer shot sounds, and tweeky beeps crazy enough to be video game music. A huge bassline rolls on underneath the tune climbing though ups and downs with quick breaks along the way. A short building tune that never stops up once and keeps a groove all the way through.

'Skunk' is a bit deeper and relies on a growly bassline and zipper sounding drums that bring in the funk. Weird water sounds are clipped and manipulated to fall into the drums and break up the rhythm. Light ringing tones are hidden in the background but filter through for a perfect melodic balance.

Infamous Light has a great sound here for their first release. PJ has brought some fun into tech house, and his basslines make it just mean enough to dirty up the floor.

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