Artist: PJ Davy
Title: What Its Worth / Sella Dor
Label: EQ Grey Ltd
By: Simon Jones | 21 November 2004
  • A: What Its Worth
  • B: Sella Dor

PJ Davy "What Its Worth / Sella Dor"

Out Now on EQ Grey Ltd

The south coast of the United Kingdom seems to have it's fair share of talent emerging in the past few months, and its quite feasible that some of you will have heard of PJ Davy already if you're a regular visitor to this site or follow the globetrotting adventures of one James Zabiela religiously, but it's his skills as a producer and DJ that have earned him recognition back home, and with this being his third single for the EQ Grey family, it's time for everyone else to appreciate his work.

'What Its Worth' is perhaps PJ's most accomplished track to date, continuing to forge a path down through the techy territory that he seem so comfortable with, and with it's distorted sounds and smooth bottom end groove, 'What It's Worth' takes the tried and tested tech house sound that step further. The combination of shuffling beats and trippy melodies will subtly draw you in, with the deep sub bass guaranteed to hypnotise you and everyone else on the floor as it gradually unfolds.

Taking a funkier direction 'Sella Dor' sees PJ build up a solid jackin groove, rolling some infectious beats over the top. It's charm however, lies in the eerie waves of ambient sounds and melodies that are so intricately woven through the centre of the track, occasionally rising up through the tightly produced groove in a way that will make the hairs on your neck stand up.

PJ Davy has come a long way in a short time, with his innovative and exciting approach to production standing out amongst a lot of the music that has been released as of late. Coupled with support from fellow south coast boy James Zabiela and the fact that his music is breaking down the genre walls more and more, expect to hear a lot more of him in 2005.

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