Artist: PJ Davy
Title: One Hour Second / Call It What You Want
Label: EQ Grey
By: Chloe Harris | 29 January 2004
  • A: One Hour Second
  • B: Call It What You Want

PJ Davy "One Hour Second / Call It What You Want"

Out Now on EQ Grey

PJ Davy's first single out on EQ Grey was initially snatched up for James Zabiela's fantastic 'Sound In Motion' compilation on Hooj Choons. A newcomer to the production scene, PJ has been hammering away in the studio and the decks for a short while and gaining attention outside of his native Southampton rather quickly due to his supporters like John Digweed, Chris Fortier and James Zabiela. Mechanical drums and layers of bleepy tones are the flavours of this nice EP.

'One Hour Second' is a metallic song with thick bass, cute melodic beeps and crazy changes. Warm bass pulses with the techy drums slowly as powerful surges of stomping chord sounds thunder down on the song. A woman's voice heavily effected creeps in and out, breaking up the bass and adding a human layer and a softer touch.

'Call It What You Want' was first seen on 'Sound In Motion'. Electro bubbles fall along the bouncy kick that cuts through the techy high hats. Again, the mechanical drums move at great force until a thick low crawling bassline appears and takes the whole song over. Rolling into a break the bass lingers for a moment then a cute melody pops out of no where and washes the song with a catchy melody you can bob your head to.

PJ Davy has a good release here, and with the support of some major players, his tracks will be heard by a massive audience. EQ Grey was smart in signing this tune, as it's really a standout piece that's different from the regular progressive or tech house songs out there.

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