Artist: PJ Davy & Danny Graham
Title: Blind Exit
Label: EQ Grey Ltd
By: Chloe Harris | 29 January 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Dave Robertson Mix

PJ Davy & Danny Graham "Blind Exit"

Out Now on EQ Grey Ltd

Newcomers PJ Davy and Danny Graham shine on their first single together called 'Blind Exit'. PJ Davy first gained acclaim when James Zabiela put PJ’s first single, 'Call It What You Want' on his great mix compilation 'Sound In Motion' out on Hooj. Once again PJ does something right as 'Blind Exit' is doing business for James again, along with some other high profile DJs such as John Digweed and Chris Fortier. This track is fun and highly animated with a great bassline for dancing and a catchy hook for the head. Dave Roberston steps up to remix duties and freshens up the tune bringing out some major bass and chord changes.

'Blind Exit' is a scratchy, beepy, techy song that bounces along nicely. Monkey sounding hoo’s and ha’s, wiped down with effects and delays catch your attention right off. The drums have some crunch to them, but hit in a heavy fashion. A tiny cut up synth line bounces on top of the beats sounding like a broken alarm clock. Some sweepy sounds take the song over when we drop into a minimal part, only to build back up into the broken alarm clock. An animated tune that leaves loads to the imagination.

Dave Robertson takes on a trippy tech house version with deep chord stabs, and chugging rhythms. The drums are reworked into a more tribal sound, but still cut up and groovy. The bassline stands out with its filthy dirty funk sound mixed in with a layered long bass ride. There’s no alarm clock sound, but there’s stuttering voices falling with the beats and snatched up quickly into the swirling tones of the tune.

PJ Davy seems to have a wild imagination when it comes to sounds. Bringing in friend Danny Graham to collaborate was a great choice, as they get down dirty and weird with this one Be on the look out for more material from these guys in the coming months, as they will be ones to watch for sure.

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